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About Me

My name is Dr. N. Srinivasan Shastry and I am from Bangalore South India. I am a retired bank employee. I am practicing Numerology and Astrology since 35 years. I have written about 8 books in Astrology and Numerology. My first book got me an Honorary Doctorate from Cleveland U S A. I also got a certificate from Varanasi calling me Astrological Science Celebrity. My system of Numerology is unique. Though every Numerologist deals with the same numbers as I do, but here my way is different and unique because everybody stops at character reading or changing of names etc., But I can tell the predictive part in Numbers. For any question we can get answers through numbers. Secondly in Numerology, nobody has touched about months in a date of birth I am the only one person who touched about months in a Date of Birth. The month in a date of birth give us a lot, about the house in which you are born about your spouse, about your siblings etc.



Readings through Numerology

Know your type of education, finance, profession, about your wife, children, compatibility in marital life, your landed properties, your house, your travels, your way of life, your spiritual energies.

Through Numerology you can know the date and time of Marriage, date and time of children birth, date and time of death through Numerology.

Reading through Naadi Astrology

Complete readings of your life, about you, about your mother, father, brothers/sisters life, children, about your house, your mother’s diseases, your father’s diseases, about your spouse hidden secrets, through your chart. We can give you 144 answers looking into your chart through Naadi Astrology. We can give you the happenings of incidents in the coming months, time when you will be purchasing a house/construct a house, purchase of vehicles, meeting with an accident/facing surgery, when you will have foreign travels, whether you will have education in a foreign land/country etc.

Through Naadi Astrology you can know the date and time of Marriage, date and time of child birth, date and time of death through Naadi Astrology.


After knowing the readings of a person through Numerology or Naadi Astrology, rectification can be done to certain parameters.

  • 1.Rectifications through Gems by activating and deactivating the ill placed planets.
  • 2.Rectification through Yantras on the person or placed at home.
  • 3.Rectification through Holy waters bath
  • 4.Rectifications through Pooja and Homas.
  • 5.Rectifications by teaching Mantras to the individual as certain things has to be done by the individual.



Number 1

(Persons born on number 1, 10, 19, and 28 fall under this influence)
People born on the above said dates come under the influence of number one. These people will have leading type of mentality. These people are pious and practical in thinking. They are noble and kind hearted. These people will have good education particularly in the field of egg. These people many a times will have grey eyes, and have lot of energy in them. These people like to lead others and not to follow others. Most of the people born under this influence will be leaders, managers, directors. These people are self respected type of people. These people will have very good handwriting and also will have continuation of thoughts. These people will do any work completely and do not leave and thing half done. These people hate flattery but, will be worried about name and fame and not about money. These people will have weak bones and left eye will have less power, teeth will be good and strong the body also will be kept healthy and strong. These people face a facture in their lifetime damaging their left limbs. People born under this influenced will get married in the late years of their life, but will have a happy marital life. Education for these people will continue even after marriage. These people will win over enemies very easily. These people enjoy Government vehicles or conveyance to travel. Number one people will be calculative in spending, god fearing and elderly respecting. These people respect old traditional values very much.

Number 2

(People born on 2, 11, 20, 29 fall under this influence)
Number two rules the mind and people born on the above dates will have the right side energy in their body. These people are fickle minded changeable, and also change their decisions frequently. These people are fast in thinking, eating, walking etc., Most of the people born under this influence will be very moody in nature, and will be very short tempered but, will cool down very quickly. These people will have very little self confidence, and always think about future forgetting the past. These people are very deep thinkers, and their minds will be always busy thinking/worrying about something or the other. These people are very openhearted persons, they speak openly about everything except finance, and they will not tell where the money comes from or where the money has been spent. These people spend a lot for their friends, but, the same friends will be betraying them or backstab them. People born under this influence will fall sick at the age of 2-3 and after recovery from this age they will not have any sort of ill health problems. These people will get money whenever they need, if they have balance in their pockets or banks they will not get new funds, when once the money with them is exhausted they will get new funds unexpectedly. People born under this influence will have good manners and sweet speakers and are very emotional in nature. These people will have two names, two sources of income, two vehicles etc., everything will be two in numbers. These people will earn name and fame elsewhere, not in their place of birth. These people will not get tired easily and are laborious, you can find them smiling from morning till evening no matter of how much of work load they have. These people begin profession at an early age, and also get married early and settle down. These people like to change places frequently and travel a lot.

Number 3

(People born on 3, 12, 21 and 30 fall under this influence)
People born under this influence of number 3 are very stubborn and possessive in nature. These people are very active and will have creative mentality. These people have good memory power. People under this influence will be good at mimicry or telling jokes. These people are very observant and will know instantly if anybody has touched any of their things kept at home or in their room. These people love travelling, attending functions and marriages. These people are very active and cannot sit quite for a minute. People born under this influence will have great artistic talents like, singing, painting, playing musical instruments etc. These people who are under the influence of 3 will suffer from cold, cough and stomach problems in their early ages. ages upto the age of 13. These people also will have problems in their birth house till they are 3 years old. After the 5th year of this person their parents will have a good and prosperous time. These people love their father very much but will quarrel with their mother always. These people will not listen to anybody even to their parents. In their childhood days they will get the support of their grandparents. These people will be attractive to look at, and also they will have a mole on their right thigh. These people do not disclose any information/matters and because of this reason others misunderstand them always. These people are very desirous in nature. These people eating habits are bad, they eat outside food well but, eat very less at home and many a times sleep without food but, by taking a glass of milk. These people become the eldest daughter or son-in-law and will have a happy married life. These people will not be happy up to marriage and after marriage they will have very good time. They develop in life at the age of 21-24 years. These people will not appreciate anybody, or anybody's work at any point of time. Females born under this influence are always mistaken by others.

Number 4

(People born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 fall under this influence)
People born under these dates will be talkative in nature, and will have argumentative type of mentality. They do not drop arguments easily. These people unnecessarily think about others but, rarely think about themselves. These people have suspecting type of nature they do not believe anybody, they first suspect, think and then they believe. These people are business minded in nature, and will be very cautious in giving and taking money. These people are introverts, highly intelligent and are very good at maths/calculations. Males born under this number’s influence will not have a happy married life because of their suspecting and argumentation type of mentality. People born under this influence will be looking tall with deep set eyes, thick eyebrows and occasionally will have chicken pox marks/skin dents on their face. These people usually suffer from stomach problems like gas, gastro entities because of their deep thinking. These people will sleep like a log and even forget their dreams. These people after getting up from sleep need 2-3 minutes to come back to normal thinking because of their log like sleep. People born under this influence will usually work in banks, advocates, financial institutions. These people develop in life at the age of 27-28. People born under this influence will like older people or married people for sex.

Number 5

(People born on 5, 14 and 23 fall under this influence)
These are the best of people, as they are very diplomatic in nature and will try to avoid quarrels through their diplomatic speech. These people love their mother very much, because from their childhood they have been taken care by mother more than their father and these people also run to the mother for everything they need in their childhood days but, they rarely ask their father. These people are very good looking, well and proportionately built body with a dimple on their cheek or chin whenever they smile. They will have wide gap between their eye brows and because of this ladies will get attracted to these males very fast. These people comb their hairs backwards. The people who fall under this influence will be ethical, god fearing and elderly respecting. These people are lucky by birth and also they enjoy a very good marital life. These people are very careful in spending and also they will enjoy a standard way of life. People born on these dates will usually have two brothers or sisters. These people will enjoy good health, but suffer from fever annually. These people are devoted to their work, and they usually work in offices as clerks cashiers, in banks or financial institutions. These people establish in life at the age of 30 and will have good education or life's experience till then.

Number 6

(People born on 6, 15, and 24 fall under this influence)
People born under this influence are very good looking. These people will always be neatly dressed and like cleanliness very much. People born under this number influence will have v shaped chin or long face, cute looking with lovely eyes. These people concentrate on their personal get up very much, They like neat dresses, perfumes, well groomed hair, polishing of nails etc., Men born under this influence will be a womanizer, where as women born under this influence will be proud beautiful and delicate. These people are soft, tender and have a wonderful voice. These people will not outburst in anger but inside their heart they will have revenge and strike once like a scorpion. Regarding money these people spend lavishly for themselves but hate giving money to others. People born under this influence will enjoy materialistic and luxurious things a lot. Men/Women born under this influence will oppose their father all the time or will have difference of opinion with them. These people will have artistic talents like music singing dancing painting sculpturing etc., People born on these dates will be fortunate and grow rich. These people will not go to astrologers/temples all by themselves, but, when forced by someone they will visit. Females born these dates will have very good waist line and attractive physic will be passionate, romantic and men born on these dates need young love for their bed pleasures. Women born on these dates usually have a mole on their lips or nose.

Number 7

(People born on 7, 16 and 25 fall under this influence)
People born under this influence do not believe in astrology and sometimes even god. These people are careful, cautious and very slow in nature. These people believe in their work rather than their fate. These people in their childhood days are bought up by their grandparents, and this is the reason they will have less love and affections towards their parents. Most of these people quarrel with their parents. These people have very good eating and dressing habits, and very fashionable in dressing. These people will look tall with good growth of hairs and will have long face with deep set of eyes with thick eye brows. Persons born on these dates will have technical education and also they will be "jacks of all masters of none". These people enjoy indoor games. These people love reading small books, novels, and comics very much. These people travel widely. People born on these dates will lie often in their childhood days but as the age passes they quit telling lies. These people are very lazy and sleep long, they do not do any of the house hold work but entrusts the work given to them to someone else at home. These people enjoy royal life from the age of 28 years of their age. These people love vehicles very much and ride vehicles with a style. These people usually marry a known person or a person whom they have seen from their childhood days. The first love affair for these people will go for a break, and the second one will click for the marriage.

Number 8

(People born on 8, 17, and 26 fall under this influence)
People born on this dates are very systematic in nature, because they have limitations in everything like eating, dressing, habits, etc. they eat only how much they eat regularly and nobody can force them for an extra food, in case anybody forces then for extra food they will get very wild. These people are well built having strong shoulders and curly hair which will be combed backwards. These people have square cut jaw line and will have an average height. These people walk majestically and will be neat always, even at the old age. These people are good natured, have good manners and also justice seekers. People born on these dates will speak right on the face(straight forward speech) and not beyond anybody's back , because of this they will have few friends .These people are usually backstabbed by their and relatives specially their father side relatives . These people give good hospitality to everyone but in return the people who have used the hospitality speak badly about these people behind them. These people like their family and children very much and any visitor coming in between them makes them uneasy. These people when they give money to anybody even to the trust worthiest person it will not come back, like this in their life time they lose money thrice. These people will get married to a person who is very dominating in nature. Usually these people will have 4 issues and among them they may have 3 daughters and one son or 3 sons and 1 daughter. These people establish in life at 35 years of their age and from 35 till the end of their life they will be developing year after year. These people usually love four wheelers and not two wheelers. Persons born under this influence are reliable, trust worthy and helpful in nature. These people are passionate and romantic only up to family life and no extra marital affairs.

Number 9

(People born on 9, 18 and 27 fall under this influence)
People born on the above dates are dominating in nature. These people are always tensed, and because of this. They suffer from headache and constipation. Person born on this date love their parents very much and cannot bare anybody saying anything bad about their parents. These people very intelligent and remember everything in their life. These people have very light sleep and they wake up even at the slightest sound. These people act as leaders even from their childhood days even their school mates come to these peoples, house to pick them up. These people hold secrets of everyone and in case any of his friends wants to hide anything from these people they cannot do so. These people have very good hand writing and their education will continue even after their marriage. Most of the people born under this influence will become teachers/ faculty members. Persons born on this dates will dual personality i.e. what they have in their heart they cannot speak and what they speak, they will not have in their heart. These people hide lot of things. Persons born under these dates will have good height and look plump. They like respect and cannot stay in a place where there is no respect or recognisation for them. The voice of these people will be very loud when they are angry. These people are trouble makers at home, but to the outside world they are good. These people hate taking demands, if anybody asks them pleasingly they do or else they neglect. These people's services are utilised by everybody but goes unrecognised and no matter how worried they are, at job they work very devotedly even till late hours. These people work more than necessary. People born on these dates will have affaires before marriage, and they will not forget them even after marriage. These people will always have unhappy / unsatisfied marital life. These people will enter into services at an early age and also get married early. They will have only two children. These people are romantic, passionate and unsatisfied set of people .These people are extroverts and though they quarrel a lot in the family they give their life to their family.

Significations Of Planets



Denotes father, courage, personality, authority, name and fame, promotions, functions at home, learning of spiritual subjects, Temple, Shiva, bones, father, head of the department, medicine, city, man, religion Vedic, teaching hard, promotion, Govt. Honours, development Name and fame



Education, academic career, neighbours, relatives, skin, intelligence, languages, stomach, good happenings. Arguments, court case, introverts, logic wisdom, good orators, media, writing books, press, journalism



Denotes longevity, laborious, foresight, Problems, death, farming, Action Karma duty profession bad periods death delay desire to do obstacles, village headman, evil energies, troubles, and livelihood.



Denotes about mother, mind, soft, fast kind, changes, trustful, fanatic, Change of place or profession, fickle, changes in life, smooth, woman, virtuous, eatables, hotels, foreign land, psychology, travels, wells and mind



Denotes about children, religion, guru, philosophy, public personality, name and fame, dutiful, Life force, native, way of life, body guru teacher, religion, banking, preacher, chest, holy, pious, nature, morals principles, philosophy, spiritual science, judicial services



Dryness, gas empty, trouble, beginning, accidents, mouth, roads, family circle, trouble, Part of the city or town, spirits fear, photographer, darkness secret, hanging.



Brothers, Husband in a female chart, boils, blood, Government service, accidents, skills, typing, printing, spirits, rape, desires, mantras, Vedas, machinery, theft, criminal thoughts, labour, land, house, building, man, Hanuman, Durga, breaks in education, accidents,surgeries.



Money, vehicles, pleasures, In a man’s chart it is wife, it is also a child to the couple, beauty, fortune, fine arts, marriage, sex, trade, perfumes, Eyes, good natured, riches, vehicles, hospitals, gold and jewellery, good life Wife in a male chart, financial development, marriage, female child, mistress, sweet drinks, juices, lust.



Tail, end, liberation, death, death ceremonies, pilgrimage bath in holy waters, nerves, iron rods, bad period, electrical, laser, disease, death, preachers, teachers, astrology, Vedic, light etc.

Significations of signs/Raasis as in Naadi Astrology


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be of medium height, long necks, angular face thin body structure, protruding/big teeth and round eyes, broad head, bold, ambitious rash and a scar on the face. These people will be active, love changes in life, extroverts, religious, emotional, proud, enterprising, aims for fame, recognition and popularity. These people are independent in nature. Females born with Jupiter in this sign will be truthful, quarrelsome, and fond of their family, work and elderly respecting.

The other significations of Aries which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Head, chemicals, ancient history ancient scripts, fiery, east, technical machinery etc.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be fat, good looking eyes, broad head, find lips, broad shoulders, and fat thighs, looks young and will have a good looking nose with a pleasing and smiling face. These people are artistic in nature, music or fine arts lovers

The other significations of Taurus which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Face, fortune, medicine, fine arts, painting rich house money.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be of good height, long straight nose, good looking yes, and happy looks. They look a little above age, flexible and will have dual personalities. These people will have a second affair. They like music, media, press, television because these people are media personalities. These people suffer from depressions and will be have provocative and argumentative type of talking. Females born in this sign will be ill tempered sensuous and helpful to others.
The other significations of Gemini which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Intellect, Shoulders, twins, media, dual sign, business, press, film industry, television industry.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will have a pleasing looking personality good height, nice teeth, deep-set eyes, thick eyebrows. They will be submissive in nature. These people will be face in everything. These people are imaginative, sympathetic, and romantic in nature and always inclined to public life. These people have lot of mood swings, fickle in nature. Females born in this sign will have good breasts, attractive, rich, religious, and polite but will be having worries always.
The other significations of Cancer which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Mothers house, heart, breast, lungs, watery milk, hotels, restaurants, foreign land, frequent changing moody.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be tall in structure and will have a well developed body, they will have a magnetic appearance, dashing nature, noble and proud. They will also be generous, dictative, practical and leading type of personalities. These people hate flattery, they are very ambitious, arrogant and fierce in action, choosy in selecting their partners. These people are straight forward and self sufficient. Females born in this sign will be charitable, beautiful, even-tempered and happy.
The other significations of Leo which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Fathers house, kingdom, capital city, chemicals medicines, fiery, chemistry, stomach/spine, gas, leader, head of the department, pious, kingly, Govt. Headquarters.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be tall, elegant and will have a mole on their face, they will have beautiful body but will be dominating in nature. These people will look younger than their age, smart in looks, swift walking, and straight nose good growth of hair. Honest, frank and adamant persons. These people will always work for perfection laborious, business minded and logical in thinking. Females born in this sign will be stubborn but will have the mentality of paying back in the same coin, virtuous and wealthy.
The other significations of Virgo which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Law judicial dominating intell3xct, vegetation, business, agriculture, trade, commercial house


People born with Jupiter in this sign will have good height, longhand’s and fingers good personality but, stubborn in nature, double teethed, mole on their right arm or thigh. These people will have commanding appearance, curly hair shrewd, penetrative looks, and creative in nature. These people will have lot of secrets and do not reveal any information and because of this they face too much turmoil, conflicts and chaos. These people are very good at imitating others, mimicry and enjoy life outside the house. They eat less at home but eat well outside foods. These people are self trained and very energetic in nature. Females born in this sign will be virtuous and truthful and wealthy. The other significations of Scorpio which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Iron and steel, machinery chemicals, police dept., army personal mantras, brothers, introvert sign, uterus, kidneys


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be fair, tall, good looking, but will be henpecked. These people will be elegant, proportionate body with strong bones, thick eyebrows, attractive eyes, nose like a parrot, get bald or lose hair at a young age. These people will have good manners and always will be attracted by female sex. These people will have sweet speech, passionate and romantic in nature. These people love music, paintings, etc. They are also fickle restless and moody. These people always speculate and have a desire to become rich. These people possess everything and enjoy nothing. Females born in this sign will be lazy proud sympathetic and passionate.
The other significations of Libra which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Banking, rich, gold and jewellery, fine arts, sexual organ, beauty, luxury, vehicles, royal house of pleasures.


People born with Jupiter in this sign will have bright eyes, courageous, rash. These people will be looking tall thick eye brows fair handsome with a well built body. These people are self made personalities, enthusiastic, enterprising in nature. These people will always like to be free and have a desire for knowledge or learning. These people are extroverts. Females born in this sign will be mean, self cantered.
The other significations of Sagittarius which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Dual sign, forest, half good and half bad, dry, spirituality, teaching, banking industry guru, religious, accountancy, thighs noble self made


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be looking tall, weak body, thin face, long nose deep-set eyes, lot of hairs/thick hairs. These people are systematic and practical in approach. They become an important person in a small area of life or in a small town. Females born in this sign will be good character, well spoken, good tempered and truthful. The other significations of Capricorn which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Village head, important person, cautious politicians knees nearby watery places, mathematicians


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be very strong, oval face, and at times may have defective teeth. These people have too many mood swings and psychological in nature. These people are very hard to be convinced, they doubt everything. These people are also stubborn, inventive, reliable loyal sincere. These people help others a lot for their success without considering traditional values. Females born in this sign will be charitable, virtuous grateful and wealthy. The other significations of Aquarius which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Village, holy waters, renunciation, kingly, liquors, psychology, neuropsychology cranky, calves


People born with Jupiter in this sign will be fat and stout, daring eyes, social, and swift in thinking and will be difficult for others to understand their nature. These people like to serve others, or give their services to non-profitable organisations like orphanage, old age homes etc. These people are not worried about worldly affairs, conflicts or much about materialistic things. Females born in this sign will be kind hearted, modest, good chartered, charitable and pleasant. The other significations of Pieces which comes into use while noting the transiting Jupiter are Dual sign, liberation, Foreign land settlement feet pious, helping and serving orphanages or old people, salvation holy, noble, religious, feet, aircraft, suicide.

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